Welcome! My name is Christine, a Chicago based photographer…
Feet on dockWell…truth is, photography is only one of my passions. In addition to photography, I am a nurse…I provide care to individuals with cancer.

Everyday, they tell me about their life before it changed, before tumor cells took over. A time before aggressive treatment changed their bodies,  well being, and the very core of who they were. My patients, they inspire me. Their stories, their pictures, their survival. They inspired me to develop this gallery, one which attempts to capture the joys and simplicity of everyday life – something my patients and others often long for. Photography has been part of my life long before I was nurse, it was a trade my Dad taught me when I was 13. When I was 14, it became the very tool that helped me cope with his cancer diagnosis, too. Here I am, 9 years later, and photography continues to bring me great joy; capturing and sharing the art of everyday life.


  • Fujifilm XT-10, Fujifilm X100S, Pentax k-1000, Instax mini, GoPro Hero+3, iPhone
    • Retired: Olympus E-500, Canon Rebel XS
  • Photoshop CC, PS Lightroom, VSCO film


  1. I welcome others to use this space to critique my work.
  2. I am interested in collaborating with others – to learn, assist, share, teach, practice and create.
  3. Continue to grow.
  4. Share video tutorials on intro to photoshop editing

I would love to hear from you —> Contact Me



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