Determined to become a blogger, I find myself constantly circulating ideas for blogs. My problem is that I do not have a specific niche. At least not one that I can commit to. This is because I have several niches…I am interested in *deep inhale* photography, wellness, aromatherapy, nursing, oncology, photoshop, higher education, relaxing, yoga, running, cooking healthy, tech, music, complementary alternative therapies, writing, creativity, foodie, nature, hiking, travel THE LIST GOES ON!

Point is, after stumbling upon this blog post, I realize what I could possibly offer is not expertise on one niche, but my worldview. The reality for me is that all of these interests are an interest for a reason. Likewise, my worldview influences my angle on all of these things.

But what is my worldview? The answer to this come instantaneously as I read about worldview. Everything I do, every passion or interest, is because of cancer. Not what you were expecting maybe? Here is how I figure:

  1. Became an oncology nurse because I wanted to help those with cancer and caregivers
  2. I have genetics going against me and there for try to minimize my risk for cancer
    1. being healthy
      1. mentally: photography, aromatherapy, photoshop, higher education, creativity, writing, music, relaxing, travel
      2. physically: exercise, yoga, eating healthy, foodie, hiking, nature
      3. spiritually: yoga, mindfulness

Who knew one illness could impact me so much? I view the world through a cancer lens.

I just wonder if there is anyone else out there who can relate.

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