Exposing frames, exposing hope

Most photographers I know had a special someone in their life who introduced them to their first camera. I remember clear as day when my Dad brought home his first DSLR. An Olympus E-500. His first photograph was a mirror seflie back in 2007. I look back at that photograph fondly, now. He would do test shoots in the den, and say “hey Chris, smile!”. Then proceed to show me the photograph and be in awe at the clarity. I was hooked, too! At first, he would only let me hold the camera. Then, he would let me explore the camera but only in the house. Soon, while he napped during the day (he was a night shift worker), I would sneak outside with the camera and take pictures, careful not to cross the border of our yard. Back then, I almost exclusively used the macro lense. I was so fascinated by the details and miraculous colors of tiny insects. By the end of that summer, I was 14 waking up before sunrise capturing golden hour light and dew on the plants around my neighborhood.

Timing is everything, and life has a funny way of laying it out. By the end of that year,  capturing images was my primary hobby. By the start of the next year, January 2008, it became so much more. It was my outlet, my distraction, my one last hope to believe that life is still beautiful, as my Dad began treatment for luekemia.

Dad has been gone for over a year, but this passion he shared with me is still the very thing that gives me hope in the world. Photography is something that I will never let go, and hope to share it with others, too.

Who has inspired you?

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