Determined to become a blogger, I find myself constantly circulating ideas for blogs. My problem is that I do not have a specific niche. At least not one that I can commit to. This is because I have several niches…I am interested in *deep inhale* photography, wellness, aromatherapy, nursing, oncology, photoshop, higher education, relaxing, yoga, running, cooking healthy, tech, music, complementary alternative therapies, writing, creativity, foodie, nature, hiking, travel THE LIST GOES ON!

Point is, after stumbling upon this blog post, I realize what I could possibly offer is not expertise on one niche, but my worldview. The reality for me is that all of these interests are an interest for a reason. Likewise, my worldview influences my angle on all of these things.

But what is my worldview? The answer to this come instantaneously as I read about worldview. Everything I do, every passion or interest, is because of cancer. Not what you were expecting maybe? Here is how I figure:

  1. Became an oncology nurse because I wanted to help those with cancer and caregivers
  2. I have genetics going against me and there for try to minimize my risk for cancer
    1. being healthy
      1. mentally: photography, aromatherapy, photoshop, higher education, creativity, writing, music, relaxing, travel
      2. physically: exercise, yoga, eating healthy, foodie, hiking, nature
      3. spiritually: yoga, mindfulness

Who knew one illness could impact me so much? I view the world through a cancer lens.

I just wonder if there is anyone else out there who can relate.

Project: 52



*Insert cliche blog post about the new year*

Ok it’s true, I am guilty of craving fresh starts and nothing feels more fresh than 2017 starting on a Sunday, in cold January. For many years I have bulleted resolutions, and in the new year, I look back and see what I accomplished and what I can carry over to this new year. Always somewhere near the top of the list is to focus on photography. How am I going to do that this year? With work full time and now starting graduate school within weeks, 2017 is already looking pretty full. However, I believe I am the type of person who does best when they are busy. I am more productive and make time for things that matter to me. To commit myself to photography this year, I joined the 52frames project.

The premise is this: each week, a photo assignment is given and due by the Sunday night of that week. This first week was ‘Self Portrait’ (see my contribution above). With tripod balancing on the coffee table, and self timer clicking away, I took in my favorite view of Chicago from my living room. In terms of quality, it’s not my best. Had to push certain aspects of my camera to the max in order to capture this dark yet light scene. Not to mention the challenge of not actually being behind the camera. But I am satisfied with it, mostly because I stuck to the challenge and submitted my photo on time.

I am eager to push on through the year and experiment with the different challenges. Next up, Rule of Thirds. A classic.

If you are interested in starting your own 52frames project, click on over to their site. Getting started is easy, and the community is amazing.

What are you capturing this week?


‘Blue Mind’


Anyone can see from my gallery that I am drawn to the color Blue – especially water! I find the color peaceful, calm and inviting. Just recently, I read an article about the concept of ‘Blue Mind’ on one of my favorite lifestyle websites – It defines ‘Blue Mind’ further:

Blue Mind: A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peace, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment.

Being around water and the color blue invokes a meditative state and helps the mind relax. I have to say, my daily walks by Lake Michigan definitely help me keep calm! You can see now why I am so drawn to capturing the Lake Front in my ’18 Miles’ project. Just looking back at this album, I feel at peace. I can practically feel the lake breeze.

What inspires you?

Most photographers I know had a special someone in their life who introduced them to their first camera. I remember clear as day when my Dad brought home his first DSLR. An Olympus E-500. His first photograph was a mirror seflie back in 2007. I look back at that photograph fondly, now. He would do test shoots in the den, and say “hey Chris, smile!”. Then proceed to show me the photograph and be in awe at the clarity. I was hooked, too! At first, he would only let me hold the camera. Then, he would let me explore the camera but only in the house. Soon, while he napped during the day (he was a night shift worker), I would sneak outside with the camera and take pictures, careful not to cross the border of our yard. Back then, I almost exclusively used the macro lense. I was so fascinated by the details and miraculous colors of tiny insects. By the end of that summer, I was 14 waking up before sunrise capturing golden hour light and dew on the plants around my neighborhood.

Timing is everything, and life has a funny way of laying it out. By the end of that year,  capturing images was my primary hobby. By the start of the next year, January 2008, it became so much more. It was my outlet, my distraction, my one last hope to believe that life is still beautiful, as my Dad began treatment for luekemia.

Dad has been gone for over a year, but this passion he shared with me is still the very thing that gives me hope in the world. Photography is something that I will never let go, and hope to share it with others, too.

Who has inspired you?